Morganne and Ivy

Monday, 7/9/18

After organizing and packing nearly everything I’ll need to take on the plane for Starwood, Texas and Guatemala, I had a lovely evening with Morganne Baum and her wife, Ivy. Ivy prepared a yummy dinner of chicken with peanut sauce, rice, and corn on the cob. Morganne used to live in Boston, and we’ve been friends for a couple of decades, from Rites of Spring and Firedance. She’s a piano virtuoso, and she played me several of her own beautiful compositions in her series of the Tarot trumps (damn, I hate to have to use that word these days!). She’s identified with Wonder Woman since childhood, and she has the most amazing collection of Wonder Woman toys, figurines, comics and other memorabilia I’ve ever seen. Wonder Woman was my lifelong favorite comic book heroine too (I love Gal Gadot in the recent movies!). Morganne is also a fabulous artist, and she gave me a copy of her Alchemical Oracle, which I look forward to working with.

This morning I went shopping with Samina. Today I’ll finish packing my jewelry, before going to tea with Abbi McBride and dinner with George and Jessica. Tomorrow I fly off to Starwood!

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