Starwood – Day One

Thursday, 7/12/18

I’m now at Starwood, after a long day of flying Tuesday. After a one-hour delay for my connecting flight from St Louis to Columbus, and a nearly 2-hour shuttle drive from the Columbus airport to Wisteria, I actually arrived on-site about 2:00 in the morning.

Yesterday I got my booth set up, and wandered around checking in with old friends. Found Kim, and spent the evening hanging out with her and Sean, making plans for my visit in Pennsylvania in Sept., with a “Meet & Greet” at her store, The Order of Avalon, on Sept. 15.

The big news flying around Starwood this year is the recent death of Lori Cabot, the famous “Official Witch of Salem, MA.” I’d known Lori since the early ‘80s, when MG’s and my travels with the Unicorns took us to Salem. With her store, Crow Haven Corner, she was an institution, as well as a figure of some controversy during the famous “Witch Wars” of the ‘70s-‘80s.

And shortly thereafter Samina texted me that another significant figure and mutual friend from the Boston area, Morwen Two Feathers, had passed. Each of these deaths of old friends makes me feel more and more like a relic from an ancient time: “and I alone survived to tell the tale.”


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