Goodbye Jesus, I’ve Gone Home to Mother

Goodbye Jesus, I’ve Gone Home to Mother

by Oberon Zell (Author), Phaedra Bonewits (Editor)

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Goodbye Jesus coverThese are accounts from the journeys of former Christians—including some Clergy—who left the churches they grew up in and came over to Paganism and the Goddess. Why? The idea and title for this anthology was conceived in a hot tub over 20 years ago, after an interfaith
conference, where several of us Pagans were sharing our stories of how we found (or were found by…) the Goddess…and could never go back.
Thirty deeply personal—and often heart-rending—accounts are bracketed by introductory material and Appendices to provide background, history and context for the emergence of an
alternative religious paradigm that is now one of the world’s fastest-growing faith categories…



Gave me comfort
I enjoyed reading the accounts of how people found their way. Then I read one that could
have been my story and I started to cry. These stories gave me so much comfort as I have
struggled to find my way. Even if you aren’t struggling or are feeling complete as you are, this
book will help you understand others as they find their way. Maybe you will find comfort here

~ Teresa

This book has so much value
As a Pagan teacher and spiritual guide I have referred and used the stories of transition to
many seekers. People who are unsure of where they are spiritually will find similar stories
among its pages.

~ Cat Gina Cole