Quantum Conscious

Sunday, 7/8/18

Yesterday was intense! My workshop on “Awakening into Quantum Conscious” ran from 4:00 to 6:30, with a half-hour break. Samina and I showed up at Haven Craft at 2:00 to do all the setup—arranging chairs for 40 people, and getting all my statues, jewelry and books set out on the merchandise table, along with munchies and drinks. Since part of my presentation included a power point slide show of Kiri’s “Song of Gaea,” getting that all hooked up was also a bit of effort, as the cables they had didn’t match any of the ports on my laptop.

My presentation went very well, and the 30 or so people who came were very enthusiastic about it. Afterwards, Melissa and Ian (owners of Haven Craft) took Samina and me out to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant called Panevino. We had fabulous conversation; Melissa is Romany, and we learned a lot about Romany history, lore, traditions, ritual, and continuing struggles for survival. The Romany are still being persecuted throughout the world, as they have been for centuries, and being thrown out of many countries for their refusal to become citizens. Even here in the US, they have trouble getting driver’s licenses, as they often don’t have birth certificates (they mistrust and avoid hospitals, as there have been notorious cases of involuntary sterilization of thousands of Romany women who responded to offers of free medical care). I’m trying to recruit Melissa to join the faculty of the Grey School.

This morning was a Skype meeting of the Grey School Administration. But several key members were unable to attend, so we didn’t have a quorum to conduct business, and adjourned early. Today and tomorrow I’ll be organizing my stuff and repacking to fly to Starwood on Tuesday, leaving my car here with Samina. This will be the 38th year of Starwood, and I’ve attended the last 35 of them. I have to pack everything I’ll need for the next couple of months, as after Starwood I’ll be flying to Austin, Texas to be with Belladona, and then we’ll be flying down to Guatemala for four weeks, where we’ll be staying at the LaKazonA Lodge eco-resort on Lake Atitlan. I’ll be presenting a two-day weekend workshop there, and looking forward to other adventures…

Samina has joined CAW and applied to be a Minister. I just finished preparing her certificate and Clergy ID card. This evening I’ll be having dinner with Morganne Baum, creator of the Alchemical Oracle: www.alchemicaloracle.com

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