The Crystal Goddess

The Crystal Goddess

Crystal Goddess © Oberon Zell

“In my crystal hall a feather falls,

being beautiful just for you…”

This Goddess combines two of the most powerful Archetypes of our time representing Clarity, Communion and Spiritual Truth. Her form originated in the Nile River Delta from 8,000 years ago and echoes throughout the Goddess cultures from Greece to China, from Africa to Peru. This image is the Goddess who guards the Soul’s Journey between Earth and Heaven and back into rebirth and as such She is the oldest form of the Guardian Angel. Her arms are uplifted calling down the power of the silver Moonlight at night and the radiant Rainbow by day, mingling these energies she awakens our inner divine spirit.

Rock paintings from ancient Africa

This Goddess arises from a Crystal Cluster. Crystal formations have been recognized by humanity for their intrinsic beauty and magical powers as long as we have been human. Crystals come from the very heart of the Earth Mother and have been prized as her tears. They grow in Her caverns and grace our temples and holy places.  Their pizo-electric properties focus our energies, cleansing and healing our auras. In fact, crystals were prized for opening channels of communication for ages before they were used in making the first “crystal radios.”

Unfortunately, our modern love affair with crystals has put some caves and sacred sites at risk from over harvesting. No caves had to die to create this Crystal Goddess. She comes to us courtesy of techno-magic and is made of optically pure, poured lucite. This material, like amber, is a resin that conducts both energy and light waves. Our Crystal base reflects and disperses light better and more beautifully than the original quartz matrix from which this one was cast!

Her form is as ancient as the pyramids; her current incarnation is as modern as a silicon chip, Her message is timeless and clear as a drop of water: Love to All Beings. Journey with the Crystal Goddess in the dark and womb-like comfort of your own bedroom. Cast off the cares of the day and let your mind and body relax as you watch Her transform into the Lady of the Living Rainbow. Let Her changing colors wash over your soul, healing and transforming you as you meditate with her. Allow her gentle patterns to lead you into the crystal cave of wonder that leads to lucid dreaming. Open your Third Eye and allow the Visions to come forth: Behold there is Magic all around you!

~Morning Glory Zell


This figure of the Crystal Goddess is cast in crystal clear lucite from an original sculpture by the internationally-recognized artist, visionary, speaker and author Oberon Zell. Invoking ancient myths and legends, Oberon’s sculptures, writings and lectures inspire reverence for our living Earth. This and other designs in the Mythic Images Collection began as an outgrowth of Goddess historian Morning Glory Zell’s workshops on Goddess lore and culture.

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