Visiting Vegas

Thursday 8/30/18

I’m now in Vegas with Samina, getting ready to head off to Bakersfield in my car later today.

I flew into Vegas Tuesday night, on Frontier, which I’ve never flown before. Absolutely the worst airline I’ve ever flown on, though Samina says Spirit is just as bad. The gate was in a construction area at the far end of the airport, and the boarding bridge seemed to go on forever. The 3-hour flight was delayed an hour and a half for reasons that were never explained. When I did the online check-in the day before, they wanted me to pay another $17 for seat selection, which I declined. But I couldn’t avoid the $80 charge for my two check-in bags. The seats were cheap plastic, unupholstered, and they didn’t recline. The tray tables were so tiny as to be useless, and there was very little leg room. Before we took off, the flight attendants came back to recruit five people to move from the back of the plane to the front—to balance the weight? When they came around in-flight to offer sodas and snacks, they wanted me to pay extra for those—which I also declined.

George and Jessica picked me up at baggage claim in Vegas, and we got back to Samina’s about 11:30, just as she arrived home from work.

Yesterday Samina and I went grocery shopping at Sprouts, then to Sam’s Town for a spectacular luncheon buffet. After that we caught the movie, “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” which came out just as I was moving out of The Keep in June, and which I’d really wanted to see. Totally delightful! After the movie we went to the Venetian, where Samina works as a singing gondolier on the Grand Canal. We entered The Void to experience the “hyper-reality” VR experience: “Ghostbusters”—which was as amazing as the “Star Wars” experience we’d done there back in early July. After busting ghosts, we went over to Wasabi Jane’s for sushi burritos.

This morning we’ll clean up my car, and pack for the next leg of my journey—back to California to conduct a handfasting on Labor Day weekend with Maureen as Priestess.

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