Make It So!

Tuesday 8/28/18

Today is my last day in Austin with Dona. Tearful farewell until next we get together. My plane to Vegas leaves tonight at 8:49.

Watching the bizarre and rather compelling saga that continues to unfold on the national scene like a slow-motion train wreck, I’ve had a Dream…

Among the close associates of the POTUS who have been bailing lately, trying to leap off the train before their car goes over the edge, is one David Pecker (yes, that’s his real name), Publisher of the sleazy supermarket tabloid, “The National Enquirer.” A close friend and associate of The Donald, Pecker used his scandal rag as a propaganda tool during the 2016 presidential campaign to blast every supermarket check-out line each week with a succession of lurid front pages alleging all kinds of salacious and bogus allegations about Hillary Clinton. Since Rump supporters seem to get their political views and perspectives from Alex Jones, Faux News and “The National Enquirer,” the impact of these prominent ads on influencing the election cannot be overestimated. And Pecker has already admitted that was the intention.

But now Pecker has “flipped,” turning against his Presidential co-conspirator, and he has been granted immunity from prosecution in return for his complete cooperation with the Mueller investigation into high crimes and treason on the part of the Prez. Moreover, Pecker has all the goods on Rump in his private safe. He not only knows where the bodies are buried; he has photos, tapes and souvenirs! And freedom of the press allows him free rein to publish anything he wants—as he did with Hillary. So here’s what I’m thinking…

Visualize this:

Every week, in every supermarket check-out lane in the US, a succession of lurid front pages on “The National Enquirer” reveal piece-by-grimy piece all the dirt Pecker has amassed on Rump. A sample headline would be: “POTUS PUTIN PUPPET!” And this goes on week after week…just as Pecker did with Hillary. This will directly reach Rump’s supporters, and will do more to bring down this treasonous and criminal regime than all the court cases and legal investigations.

Just like magick… Make It So!

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