Thursday, 7/5/18

Last night we had a nice little barbeque—as soon as the sun lowered enough that the back yard was in shade and comfortable enough to be out in. Samina was at work, so it was just George, Jessica, Heidi and me, sitting around sharing stories over hot dogs, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob as pretty fireworks lit up the sky over the rooftops, and distant booms punctuated our conversation.

I haven’t done a 4th of July barbeque in longer than I can remember, and it was very sweet. For many years I worked with Pyro Spectaculars, doing hand-fired fireworks shows with the crew for three nights along the Russian River. Nothing quite like the rush you feel from mortars going off right beside you! And lying on the ground looking up directly underneath the exploding aerial blossoms…

This evening Samina and I are going over to Marco & Heather’s for dinner. And tomorrow evening a bunch of our Desert Moon Circle friends will be coming over here to hang out. Saturday I’ll be presenting a 2-hour workshop on “Quantum Consciousness” at Haven Craft. Pre-registrations indicate we’ll have a full house—something I could never get in Santa Cruz.

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