Tuesday, 7/3/18

I’m still trying to find some value in TCIM, so I’m going through the Table of Contents and then looking up pages that might have something to offer. Chapter 15 has a subhead: “The Only Real Relationship.” Since I’m really into relationships, I checked it out:

“…let Him Whose teaching is only of God teach you the only meaning of relationships. For God created the only relationship that has meaning, and that is his relationship with you… The reality of this relationship becomes the only truth that you could ever want.” (pp. 299-301)

Nope, that doesn’t work for me. Sure, I have a relationship with The Goddess, but my relationships with women as Her avatars, and men as avatars of the God, and animals as avatars of the Totems, are all really important to me, and I would never dismiss or deny them!

How about Chapter 16, with subhead: “The Illusion and the Reality of Love:”

“The special love relationship is an attempt to limit the destructive effects of hate by finding a haven in the storm of guilt… The special love partner is acceptable only as long as he serves this purpose… It is sure that those who select certain ones as partners in any aspect of living…are trying to live with guilt rather than die of it… There are no triumphs of love. Only hate is at all concerned with the ‘triumph of love.’ The illusion of love can triumph over the illusion of hate, but always at the price of making both illusions… The special love relationship is an attempt to bring love into fear, and make it real in fear… If special relationships of any kind would hinder God’s completion, can they have any value to you? … The special love relationship is the ego’s chief weapon for keeping you from Heaven.” (pp. 314-317)

Having had a “special love relationship” with my beloved Soulmate for 40 years, and many other “special love relationships” as well, I just can’t agree with any of this. So I skipped to the end to see what the conclusion might be:

“And now we say ‘Amen.’ For Christ has come to dwell in the abode You set for Him before time was, in calm eternity. The journey closes, ending at the place where it began. No trace of it remains. Not one illusion is accorded faith, and not one spot of darkness still remains to hide the face of Christ from anyone. Thy Will is done, complete and perfectly, and all creation recognizes You, and knows You as the only Source it has. Clear in Your likeness does the Light shine forth from everything that lives and moves in You. For we have reached where all of us are one, and we are Home, where You would have us be.” (p. 622)

Hmn. Skipping past the Christ references, I can see those final three sentences as an appropriate response to “The Charge of the Star-Goddess”…which, as far as I’m concerned, could replace the entire previous 621 pages.

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