Vegas with Samina

Tuesday, 6/26/18

After driving 9 hours, including a couple of hour-long breaks, I spent last night in a Motel 8 in Buttonwillow, off Hiway I-5, near Bakersfield. Had a yummy dinner of chicken tikka masala at a vegan Indian restaurant next door to the motel.

I arrived safely at Samina’s in Vegas this afternoon, after a hot 5-hour drive. I’ll be here until July 10, when I fly to Starwood, leaving my car here ‘til I return in late August. I look forward to reconnecting with so many dear friends here over the next two weeks, from Desert Moon Circle and Vegas Vortex, and the community of Pagan stage magicians and performers centered around Jeff and Abbi McBride.

Morning Glory and I first met the gorgeous and multi-talented Samina in Jan. of 1999, when Jeff brought us to Vegas as Elders to conduct an initiation ceremony for her and a few others into the Priesthood of Desert Moon Circle. She sang a beautiful song she’d written of the Wheel of the Year. At that time she was an exotic dancer. We became lifelong friends, and participated in many events together, including years of Firedance, Bonedance, Mayfire, Mysterium, the Alchemical Firedance, and Burning Man. She introduced us to the “Star Trek Experience” at the Hilton. For the past ten years she’s been working as a singing gondolier at the Venetian.

I’ll be presenting an afternoon workshop in Vegas on “Awakening to Quantum Consciousness;” Sat. July 7, 4:00-6:00.

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