Tom & Joy

Saturday, 6/16/18

The Journey has begun! Yesterday afternoon I arrived at Tom & Joy’s about 5:00 for a wonderful evening of dinner and conversation late into the night. They’re both fabulous cooks, and Tom is also a brewmeister of considerable talent. Appropriately replete and lubricated, we reminisced over our 50 years of respective and mutual adventures (including the great Mermaid Expedition in 1985), the incomparable Morning Glory, and other avatars of The Goddess we have been blessed to know and love. We talked about the whichness of what, and how to unscrew the inscrutable.

Tom & Joy live at Eclectium, a little Pagan enclave of 8 households in Scotts Valley, founded by Alison Harlow and a few friends in 1982. I’ll be staying here for the next few days, before going up to Annwfn with Meia for Summer Solstice and our CAW Litha. Meanwhile, however, it seems they are out of cell phone range, so I can neither send nor receive calls or texts while I’m here.

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