OZ’s Birthday

Tuesday 11/27/18

Gypsy and I joined Jerrie Hildebrandt and her extended family for a lovely
Thanksgiving dinner and conversation late into the night. Jerrie is
President of CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans), and an
Ambassador to the Parliament. Since we’d attended the Parliament together,
we had a lot to talk about. She’s also been working with Gypsy in developing
promotional materials for the Cosmic Connection.

Saturday has to have been the best birthday party I’ve ever had! Music, art,
fire-spinning, dancing, drumming, food, and a giant birthday cake to share
with everyone! The event was held at the Cameron Real Estate office in
Salem, and hosted by owner Barbara King and agent Francine Braese. Such

Francine Braese presents OZ with birthday cake; Gypsy Jay looks on.

I cast the circle with my lighted staff. Jimmy Clark, Francine, and Gypsy
Jay performed with Jimmy’s band, JC Music & Wellness (with drummer Erich
Christopher Terry). Gypsy Ravish and Katrin Chapman sang together. Simon
Deacon invoked the spirit of Merlin for a Vortex Healing. Jimmy showed the
fabulous pre-release music video of “The Hermit” Tarot Trump that we all
filmed back in Pennsylvania on Oct. 5. The song is “Bringer of the Light,”
with me as The Hermit. Erich and Gypsy Jay did a bit of Sideshow performance
(Erich driving a nail into his nostril; Jay doing a straightjacket escape
and having money stapled to his bare body). Jay also did a mini fire show
that was quite impressive! Several people brought drums for a great drum and
dance circle. And <https://www.facebook.com/moonlitface> Danielle Tracey
set up her easel and painted this beautiful piece of cosmic art while we
watched, then gave it to me. See more of her surreal spiritual art at
Seizethebeauty: https://twitter.com/seizethebeauty.

Francine presented me with a small carrot cake (my favorite) with 76 candles
(no, not quite!) that I blew out with a wish.

Sunday morning Gypsy and I did three “Cosmic Encounters” for groups of
organizers and friends from the party the night before. We’d been working on
the whole presentation and script for awhile, and this was our first full
run-through with live Guinea pigs. Everyone loved it, and no one wanted to
leave. The experience was planned for 23 minutes (hail Eris!), and we were
right on target. I love it when a plan comes together! Now we need to add
music and a slide show, and put out the promotional materials to make this a
destination for magickal pilgrimages.

On Monday Gypsy and I drove up to her friend Lady’s 1840 Colonial house in
Maine for another wonderful Thanksgiving with more family and friends. There
was snow on the ground. my first snow of the year. Brr!

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