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PO Box 7375
Santa Cruz, CA 95061 USA

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Booking or Contacting Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Oberon is glad to consider invitations to speak, teach workshops, lead community rituals, and so on.

  • Please send a brief, specific proposal.

Oberon receives many invitations, and multiple factors go into creating his final calendar. Here are a few of them: We try to cluster events regionally, so please indicate if you're flexible in your dates. (Requests for appearances in distant corners of the globe may not be possible, or may need a lot of patience!)

If you'd like to have Oberon Zell present at your next big event or "as your next big event!" send him email (link at left). Use a Subject heading in the format of year/mm/dd-dd Event Name (Location) and your scheduling request will be least likely to get lost amid his email flood.

Subject: 2010/10/29-31 Cthulhu Con (Arkam, MA)

It's usually first-come-first-served, so reserve your dates as early as possible. In case of scheduling conflicts with simultaneous requests, however, priority will be given to the event offering a better financial package or that can be worked into a tour.

  • Official confirmation of a booking requires a 50% deposit of the speaking fees, an official event website url (to the specific page) and/or an organizer eddress that can be posted on the Schedule page, and at least two phone numbers by which the organizers can be privately contacted before and during the event.
  • A shipping address for the event and/or the place where he will be sleeping is also good, so that extra books, tapes, and CDs can be shipped if necessary.

To see Oberon's current schedule and availabilities, visit OZ's Calendar page.

The following agreements and conditions are based on a vareity of experiences Oberon has had as a presenter at Pagan events for over thirty years.


  • For presentations at Pagan or New Age festivals or conventions, Oberon requests a minimum fee of $200 per day. Half of this fee is to be paid when he is booked, via check or Postal Money Order, mailed to the PO Box listed above. This will be refunded if he is notified of any cancellations (or reschedulings he canít attend) at least four weeks before the originally scheduled date. (These prices are based on what Oberon would otherwise earn, staying home to write new books, manage his business, etc.)

  • Bookstore/center events can be combined with a book signing, for which there is no charge. Booksignings without a presentation can also be arranged, but transportation fees still apply and stores are advised to contact his publishers several weeks prior to the event, so they can be sure to have stock of his books available.

  • Admittance to rituals led by OZ may not be refused to attendees who are unable to make any requested donation. Attendance at rituals requiring special preparation may be restricted at his discretion.

  • Arrangements can often be made for organizers/groups in genuine financial straits, academic institutions and affiliated student organizations, or when currency exchange rates make the regular fees prohibitive, especially if other paying events can be scheduled immediately before or after in the same geographical area.


  • All expenses must be covered by the sponsors/organizers of each event, including airfare and transportation to/from the airport. (The transport from Santa Cruz to San Jose Airport costs $60 round-trip.) Plane tickets should originate or return to the San Jose (whichever is cheaper). OZ cannot purchase tickets for later reimbursement.

  • Transportation expenses can be reduced by working with other Pagan venues in your area to share the costs by having OZ do multiple events in the same time period.

  • Please be sure to give OZ the cellphone number belonging to whomever will be picking him up at the airport.

  • For events within 150 miles of Santa Cruz, CA, OZ can drive to and from the location; travel costs then become gas, motel, and food costs.

Meals & Lodging

  • Oberon is omnivorous. He particularly likes Thai, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and seafood, but heíll happily eat pretty much anything.

  • He must have three meals a day or he will get cranky(-ier). Please have a handler assigned to remind him and/or to drag him away from people so he can eat. If your site will not have food available or nearby, please arrange a driver to take him to local restaurants, or bring him take-out.

  • Lodging must be provided, whether it is a motel, private home, or on-site camping. If camping, a tent, mattress, sleeping bag, and two pillows must be provided. Oberon has sleep apnea, for which he requires a CPAP sleep machine (which he will bring): he must have electricity next to his bed.


  • OZ will bring books, figurines, jewelery and other items to sell. He will need a vendor's permit (if required) and booth space. If your group is able to cover the travel expense for OZ's assistant to run a vendor booth at your event, this can make it more possible for OZ to participate.

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